Sarah Grimes

I am a licensed massage therapist, and insured through Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.

In 2005, I completed a 700 massage program and graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in Lakewood, CO.  My love for massage and healing was growing, as well as, my love for the outdoors and adventures. I spent many years after working seasonally as a commercial guide rafting in the summers, snowmobiling in the winters, and massaging folks in between. Eventually, after my second ACL surgery I decided commercial guiding was no longer for me and began to focus my energy on healing my body. It led me on a beautiful path.

I began worked full time as a massage/bodyworker in spas near Vail, CO for a few years. I also worked with numerous athletes that traveled to Leadville for it's famous bike and running races, as well as, plenty of boaters and skiers. It was around this time, I was discovering the rabbit hole of the holistic healing world and began to self study Ayurveda; the oldest healing science. While I have only scratched the surface of this vast subject, I find myself constantly intrigued, and feel a deep connection to this ancient system of healing. The emphasis on nature, the 5 elements, and the concept of healing not only the body, but the mind, and spirit through self care is something that resonates with me deeply. 

In 2018, I moved back to Salida, CO to be closer to my family and start my practice. That fall,  I completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher training, as well as, completed Reiki Master certification, in Baja, Mexico. For a long time, yoga has been an integral piece in my own healing. Since my training, I have a much deeper connection to my true nature, body, mind, and spirit. I have gained a fuller understanding of how to use Yoga and Ayurveda in conjunction to achieve balance and better health. In the spring of 2019, I continued my education by completing an amazing cranial bodywork intensive, followed by an Ayurvedic Sacred Bodywork/ Panchakarma treatment Program that I completed in the fall at the Maharani Academy in Santa Barbara, CA.

While my learning will not end here, it has given me a strong foundation and many great tools to help myself and others discover our own self-healing abilities. All of the work I have learned beautifully compliments each other, resulting in some delightful and unique treatments I am pleased to offer.