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This massage varies upon clients needs and integrates many techniques including relaxation, deep tissue, cranial therapy, sports massage, fascia work, reflexology, and more to relieve pain and maximize relaxation. Prenatal and postnatal massages offered at same pricing. 

30min     $50


60min     $80


75 min    $100      

90min     $120

CBD Add-on $15

Add CBD oil to any Integrative Massage . CBD (cannabidiol) is non-psychoactive and will not get you high. It works great in conjunction with massage and is helpful in relief from muscle soreness, chronic ache, tension, and stress. The CBD oil used is made locally in the Arkansas River Valley.


Cranial Therapy

This treatment is a mix of neuromuscular therapy, cranial mobilization, and cranial sacral therapy. We will focus on creating space and releasing tension from the cranial sutures, the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and neck, as well as, supporting the spine and sacrum in its junction with the cranium. The full treatment usually takes 90 mins - 2 hours, but a shortened version can be of benefit as well. If you have experienced any of the following, this treatment could be of great benefit to you:

-accidents, injuries, direct trauma to the cranium, spine, sacrum
-headaches: migraines
-sinus problems
-depression/emotional trauma/anxiety/PTSD
-mental fog
-tinnitus/ear problems
-TMJ syndrome/jaw pain
-whiplash/neck pain
-learning disabilities 
-vision problems, strained eyes (from staring at the computer)
-chronic pain

60min $90

90min $125

2 hour $160

Ayurveda is a sanskrit word translating to the science of life, and is a powerful mind-body healing system developed by the sages of India. Ayurveda maintains that nothing has more power to transform and heal the body as the mind, and the mind and body are inextricably connected. 


**These treatments involve oil on the head and in the hair. Please wear clothing you wouldn't mind if a little oil gets on. If the weather is cold or windy, please bring a hat or shawl, something to cover your head while you travel home. Once you are ready to remove the oil, add shampoo to your hair first before wetting. Sometimes, it can take 2 washes to remove all oil.

**Abhyanga  $115

The Abhyanga is the classic Ayurvedic warm oil massage. Herbal oils are applied to the entire body with gentle, nourishing strokes. ​This beautiful, flowing massage is focused on moving the lymphatic fluid and clearing blocked energy, as well as, stimulates the various Marma (energetic points) on the body. This soothing treatment melts away stress, calms the nervous system, and revitalizes the immune system. Attention is paid to moving prana (life force energy) through the vayus, or energy pathways of the body. This therapy typically includes a breast/chest and abdominal massage to enhance the flow of lymphatic fluid. Warm compresses complete the treatment and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Allow 60 mins for this treatment.




~Create your own personalized package by adding any of the following to your Abhyanga ~

**Shirodhara $95 

Garshana  $30

This is a dry massage using raw silk gloves. It can help to stimulate and renew tired skin, increase circulation, reduce weight and stagnation, and make the skin more receptive to herbs and therapeutic oils. A great treatment to precede an Abhyanga.

This is a body therapy unique to Ayurveda. It can have a profound impact on the nervous system, directly and immediately calming and relaxing the mind and nerves. Shirodhara can optimize brain and hormone function, improve mental clarity, help relieve anxiety, stress, fatigue, headache, and hypertension, and promote deep healing in the body. 

To receive shirodhara, you lie on your back on a massage table. A specially-prepared warm herbal oil is poured in a thin steady stream directly onto the forehead for about 20 minutes. This is the location of the pituitary gland, Staphani Marma, and Ajna  ("3rd eye" Chakra). Shirodhara can be administered on its own, but is recommended after an Abhyanga or paired with any other massage treatment. Please allow time to rest and relax after this healing therapy. Best to avoid caffeine on day of treatment. 


Karna Purana (ear treatment/both) $25

The ear cavity is filled with warm oil to help clean the ears & prevents health issues related with ears. It has been know to help with tinnitus, vertigo, and balance issues. This treatment can also help with earwax, earaches, headaches, hearing loss, neck pain, and jaw pain. 

Hrid/Uro Basti $55

A dough dam is placed over the energetic heart center or Hridaya Marma and is filled with warm herb infused oil a few times through. This treatment can strengthen the heart, lungs, and promote circulation, as well as, work on the energetic body and can assist with the opening of the heart and clearing of negative energy from the heart space. See below for Blissful Heart treatment. 

Kati Basti $55

A dough dam is placed over the lower spinal area and filled with warm herbal oil. This treatment can help with a wide variety of conditions including pain, or tension in the back, spine issues, hip pain, sciatica, and others. This can work can have a balancing effect on the energetic area of the body associated with the Swadisthana (or Sacral) Chakra, and the Vasti Marma. 

Nahbi Basti $55

A dough dam is placed around the belly navel and filled with warm herb infused oil. This treatment can be helpful if you are suffering from digestive disorders, irritable bowel, colitis, or cramping. This treatment works on the Nabhi (navel) Marma which controls the Manipura Chakra. The Nahbi Marma is said to be the meeting place for the 72,000 nadis (energetic pathways) in the the body. It's job is to regulate the flow of nutrients and Prana along the digestive system. 

**Pure Bliss Package  $245

Begin with a raw silk glove massage to help purify the lymph system, exfoliate the skin, and create a healthy glow. Next enjoy a full-body Abhyanga using luxurious warm herb infused oils that are massaged deeply into the tissues. Then experience the gentle, pouring of warm, herbalized oil across the forehead and pituitary gland to help you unwind as you enjoy the sensation of “floating” into peace. Finally, once the oil has had time to soak into the skin and work its magic, we will close  the treatment with a steamed hot towel session that will help draw toxins out of the skin and tissues, and help remove any excess oil. Please allow yourself time to relax after this treatment. Best to avoid caffeine on day of treatment. 

Approx 2 hours

**Ultimate Cranial Tension Relief Package $230

This unique package includes the cranial work session as listed above, and is followed by a 20 min Shirodhara treatment. This package will help to relieve stress and tension from the entire body by treating the cranium. You will leave feeling deeply relaxed. Please allow yourself time to unwind after this treatment. Best to avoid caffeine on day of treatment. 

Approx 2 hours

Blissful Heart Treatment $115

The intention for this treatment is to clear stagnant energy from the heart space, foster connection with the heart and mind, and leave you feeling nurtured, grounded, and in a state of deep peace. The session will open with a grounding sequence followed by some cranial massage to allow for a deeper settling into relaxation. Once grounded and fully relaxed, you will enjoy a Marma (energy points) sequence specially designed to promote a heart-mind connection.  Next you will receive a Hrid Basti as described above which can help clear stagnant energy and emotional blockages from the heart space. Finally, we will ground out once more and close the treatment with a  foot massage. 

Allow 60 mins for this healing session. 

**These treatments involve oil on the head and in the hair. Please wear clothing you wouldn't mind if a little oil gets on. If the weather is cold or windy, please bring a hat or shawl, something to cover your head while you travel home. Once you are ready to remove the oil, add shampoo to your hair first before wetting. Sometimes, it can take 2 washes to remove all oil.

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